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Magento allows thousands of businesses, individual sellers, and other brands with superior and advanced e-Commerce platforms with flexible cloud integration and communication solutions to quickly innovate, adapt, and rise productivity while delivering awe-inspiring shopping experiences without the need for proficient technical assistance.

Magento is an open-source content management system (CMS) used to develop e-commerce sites that are written in PHP language. The feature-rich Magento offers a highly insightful admin interface that helps content marketing and online business. In 2018, Magento was acquired by Adobe Inc, paid $1.68 Billion USD.

Elysian Digital Services is highly proficient in developing, customizing, hosting, and assisting Magento-powered e-Commerce websites. Our globally recognized teams of Magento-certified web developers will work with you in a rhythm to create ideas, define critical elements while offering calculated supervision and management to your business. We help you to ensure that your e-commerce or normal websites are gaining enough traffic, traction and offering a great shopping experience to your online customers.

Benefits With Magento Web Development – Feature-Rich CMS

Magento has a paid version that remains applicable and suitable for big enterprise players in the market but the basic version is free. Magento is used by big global retailers like Samsung, Ford, Liverpool, Landrover, Nespresso, etc while they also have numerous small e-commerce operators. Hence, it can be said that Magento is a strong contender for any business that is looking to enter the vast online market.

Flexibility: Magento’s flexibility and application helps businesses to integrate third-party tools to gain strong efficiency in their e-Commerce websites with the accessibility of an array of management and admin tools. Magento offers attractive customization that subsequently helps your business achieve great customer satisfaction with enhanced branding results.

Mobile-Friendly: The cutting-edge responsive website features make Magento the top mobile business solution for those who want to venture into the massive digital market. The features like shopping carts and checkouts process are developed with extreme methodologies that suit well with all kinds of mobile devices with varying screen sizes. With enhanced billing and customer support, your products are less likely to get rejected with a mobile-friendly online shop.

Effortless Integration: Integrating and synchronizing Magento with CRM platforms like Salesforce, Infusionsoft, and HubSpot is now super easy and effortless. Elysian Digital Services expertise makes sure that working with other third-party technologies such as digital marketing tools remains steady and dynamic that can help offer easy access to critical sales and marketing data and analytics.

High Security: Magento benefits from a vast and growing community of proficient developers who contributes to the best code practices, development solutions, business integration with increased security for websites. The Magento security scanner includes 30+ tests that help to offer real-time business insights from your e-commerce website. This usually enables businesses to regularly scan and monitor for potential vulnerabilities on the websites.

Catalog and Data Management: Features of catalog and its management is known for its easy development and integration and it suits all types of business like small, medium, and large enterprise solutions. Magento has a few stunning external catalog management solutions that are suitable for large business and e-commerce stores. With Magento, data import and management also becomes trouble-free and convenient which is allied by fast-loading pages at a reduced price.

Why Magento Website Development with Elysian?

• We have certified and dedicated Magento developers with strong proficiency in the e-commerce segment.

• We are equipped with modern Magento development methodologies and solutions.

• In-house front-end Magento experts are available with EDS.

• We offer economical Magento website development solutions.

• EDS is known to offer the highest customer satisfaction and support system to your business.

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