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Do you know that you can attract the most relevant traffic to your website using the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing model?

Elysian Digital Services has rich expertise in directing relevant traffic to your website using Pay-Per-Click, which may eventually turn into long-term customers.

PPC is a widely accepted advertising model that has helped millions of small businesses and startups gain a tremendous amount of success in terms of sales, customers, and profit. 

Elysian creates a comprehensive, result-driven PPC model and ads that provoke users to click, resulting in traffic to your website.

Get suitable traffic and turn them into prospects and customers using PPC platforms

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most common PPC platforms that can engage users from Google Search Engine and even from Youtube. EDS has performed extensively with Google Ads to provide significant results with text, image, and video advertising.

Microsoft Advertising

Previously known as Bing Ads, Microsoft Advertising is also prevalent in PPC on its search network like Yahoo, Bing, and MSN. EDS professionals have a wide range of strategies to attract traffic from the Microsoft network and push them to your website.

Amazon Advertising

Over 45% of product-based queries happen in Amazon and hence, Amazon advertising is highly crucial for e-commerce retailers and other sellers. EDS can bring high traffic volume using display or product-based campaigns to your website from the Amazon shopping network.

How does EDS help your business with PPC or Pay-Per-Click?

Apart from the technical expertise in the field of the PPC marketing model, EDS holds sufficient experience in delivering overwhelming satisfaction to its customers using the PPC model. Our PPC professionals have worked with a wide array of industries and hence, are capable of doing and applying the right strategies that will boost your business revenue and subsequent profitability. 

EDS helps organizations with three key PPC (Pay-Per-Click) benefits:

Traffic: Your business doesn’t need just traffic but appropriate and related traffic that can convert into a customer. With the EDS technocrats and their impeccable PPC strategies, you can enjoy and earn relevant traffic to your website. The best part of the PPC model is that you are getting inbound customers and with that, you are negating the need for outdoor sales employees. 

Brand: With display advertising, which is another form of PPC marketing, you will be able to project your brand to specific users and audiences. Branding is all about displaying and getting the right customers from the internet. The EDS professionals have gained a substantial reputation in creating display ads or banners that looks appealing enough to influence users to click on your ads.

RoI: PPC model is a quantifiable marketing channel and if you are not getting a rewarding RoI (return on investment), then you can assume that your marketing strategy is somehow flawed. However, with EDS, you can relax comfortably while our experts will analyze and determine the approximate RoI for you using top-notch PPC deliverables.

What type of PPC is best suitable for you?

Text Ads: Elysian Digital Services offers crisp and witty niche-based textual ads that can mainly highlight your intent in text format attached with a link to your website or particular landing page. If you like to display short and crispy ads for customers along with phone/mobile numbers then EDS Text Ads are phenomenal. It is mostly suitable for service providers.

Display Ads: EDS has mastered itself in the field of graphics and motion graphics ads with exemplary solutions of Display Ads. If you want to project your ad intent with some pictures, small video, or other graphics, then Display Ads are most handy and interactive.

Shopping Ads: These kinds of ads are suitable for selling individual products on PPC platforms like Google Ads. EDS has qualified technical experts who are vastly experienced in delivering high-performance shopping ads that usually contain images of products, price, manufacturer, and rating of the product.

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