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* Are you thinking of taking your retail business online?

* Are you thinking of generating online customers for your products?

* Are you thinking of starting an E-Commerce Business?

E-Commerce Website is a stunning dynamic platform that can help you with the 3 questions. E-Commerce websites are high-performance online portals that assist online transactions of products and services through means of the Internet (data communication) and an online payment system aided by a payment gateway.

In layman’s language, e-commerce websites turn your physical shop into an online digital store that can remain open 24/7 and 365 days a year. 

Elysian Digital Services has acquired vast experience in starting, operating, and managing e-commerce websites for clients from all over the world. We have worked across various niches and achieved a staggering reputation and passion for e-commerce through our work.

Statistics Concerning E-Commerce Business

• The global e-commerce sales will stand at approximately $5 trillion by the end of 2021.

• The average global retail e-commerce sales growth rate is steadily rising to over 20%.

• The Asia-Pacific region has gained a major lead in e-commerce with over 62% share.

• North America and Western Europe have respective shares of over 19% and 12.5%.

• $3.914 trillion worth of transactions happened in the year 2020.

• Over 2 billion buyers are estimated to shop through e-commerce in 2021.

• Estimates say there are over 30 million businesses that are selling their products and services through e-commerce.

Why do we need an E-commerce Website?

E-commerce is one area where you can get the most by putting in the least amount of effort. Buyers are mostly preferring to buy their products online while visiting a shop is become a fading affair. Your customers are online and you need to target them online using an e-commerce website that will offer more stunning and imposing features, unlike a shop.

You can always bring a new look to your online shop every day and every week unlike physical shops to make it look attractive for the buyers. That is you are free to choose your own shop design and theme anytime you like.

E-commerce is fast; we mean very fast. With the fast selection and buying process aided by a super fast payment and delivery system, it has become a dominant alternative for numerous businesses, which are harnessing its decisive power and getting successful.

With e-commerce websites, your business is open to billions of users globally who can approach your online store and buy products from it. It means, your online store can operate globally with fewer and minimal formalities.

User-generated reviews and feedbacks really work for any sort of business. In physical stores, it is least likely to happen but with an e-commerce website, you can build a lot of reputation with the right reviews and feedbacks from your valuable customers.

Operating an e-commerce website is very easy, unlike physical stores. Moreover, it is cost-effective i.e. you don’t need a huge investment to start with and you can start selling products instantly once the website and technical integrations are ready, which takes only a few days or weeks.

Is there a right time to start an e-Commerce Website?

There is no practical answer to this because as it is very easy and affordable to start with, it doesn’t require an important season or perfect timing. You can start it anytime you like.

•If you have too many products to sell, you can choose an e-commerce website

•If you want to sell to multiple locations domestically or globally, an e-commerce website will definitely help you

•If your physical store is getting expensive to operate, then you can choose e-commerce platforms or websites

•If you want to start a home-based retail business, then also e-commerce websites come in handy

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