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Responsive websites are a new craze for all parties like developers, clients, and even users. Here’s why:

Previously, developers had to make multiple templates to allow websites to operate on different sorts of devices.

Secondly, clients can target a wide variety of customers who are using different types of devices to browse for shopping or surfing. 

Thirdly, responsive websites allow users to navigate easily on their devices; be it mobile, laptop, tablet, or even desktop.

Definition: Responsive website is a type of website that allows dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, which mainly depend on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it. These kinds of websites are built with specific and special web designing methodologies that eliminate the need for multiple sites for different types of devices.

Elysian Digital Services offers a wide range of responsive websites built with cutting-edge design and development to fit your demand. We understand the value of your business and we develop critical systems and tools to make a stunning responsive website that will offer a flawless and optimized browsing experience to the users.

Implementation Of Responsive Websites

General Websites rely on lots of templates built for specific devices (mobile, tablets, laptops) whereas responsive websites harness the power of universal design technology that can reflow data and content across a wide range of display screens.  Hence, the latter involves minimum efforts and maximum output while catering to customers, meaning you are offering a better customer experience with your responsive website.

Previously, it was mostly laptops and desktops, which have dominated the market with a huge number of customers. With 4G technology, new devices are readily replacing the usage of laptops and desktops. Currently, over 51% of mobile phone dominates the market against 46% of laptop and desktop while just below 3% is attributed to tablets.

Over 52% of websites in the world are responsive.

According to a 2015 article published in TechCrunch, over 44% of Fortune 500 Websites are not compatible with mobile and tablets.

2/3rd of Fortune 500 Websites are not ready to comply with mobile-friendly websites.

Do I Need Responsive Websites?

“Responsive websites make customers happy and satisfied” — Iconic Solutions

“Responsive web design uses fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries to deliver an elegant visual experience”. — Ethan Marcotte

“No business can flourish long with a desktop-only website; being responsive is the need of the hour” — Anonymous

These are some best quotes that offer the significance and smartness of responsive websites in the 21st century. But, apart from these 5 quotes, there are 5 other reasons that suggest responsive websites are ideal for your business.

Statistics Concerning E-Commerce Business


• The global e-commerce sales will stand at approximately $5 trillion by the end of 2021.

• The average global retail e-commerce sales growth rate is steadily rising to over 20%.

• The Asia-Pacific region has gained a major lead in e-commerce with over 62% share.

• North America and Western Europe have respective shares of over 19% and 12.5%.

• $3.914 trillion worth of transactions happened in the year 2020.

• Over 2 billion buyers are estimated to shop through e-commerce in 2021.

• Estimates say there are over 30 million businesses that are selling their products and services through e-commerce.


Key Features Of Responsive Mobile Websites

Android App

Text size automatically adjusts to readable font and doesn’t require you to zoom.

Android App

The content of the website fits accordingly within the periphery of the display screen eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling.

Android App

Operation and activities on the website become easy where links and buttons are properly spaced and oriented for a flawless user experience.

Android App

Websites load faster on mobile with responsive elements in place, which is a bonus for SEO and marketing.

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