Some Interesting Facts about WordPress

– Do you know that over 39% of websites are powered by WordPress?

– Do you know that WordPress dominates the Content Management System (CMS) market share with over 64%?

-Do you know that WordPress is available in over 68 languages?

Yes, WordPress is the most popular website development platform that comes with lots of stunning features and functions. 

WordPress is actually older than Facebook and Twitter, having launched in the year 2003. The name WordPress was given by Christine Selleck Tremoulet, a prolific blogger and a friend of Matt Mullenweg who is the co-founder of WordPress, however, WordPress doesn’t have a CEO because it is open source and supported by the community.

How is WordPress Web Development so popular?

It is all about the big numbers that make WordPress popular and symbolic in the vast field of website development.

Over 400 million people view more than 21 billion WordPress pages every month in WordPress.

WordPress and its GNU GPL license allow anyone in the world to download and use it free of cost.

Over 400 million people view more than 21 billion WordPress pages every month in WordPress.

41.7 million Posts are published on WordPress every month. English is used in 71% of them.

Why do businesses choose WordPress Web development?

1. WordPress Themes: WP themes allow users and businesses to change the look/appearance and functionality of their websites without altering the content. WordPress themes are totally free but they lack some features, which makes them lean and fast.


2. WordPress Plugins: This feature allows users, developers, and businesses to extend its website functionality on top of the base and original website, making them highly flexible and agile for beginners and professionals.


3. WordPress Widgets: WordPress widgets help users and developers to drag-and-drop sidebar content placement and implementation of many plugins’ extended capabilities. A WP widget area can appear on multiple pages or on only one page.

How does Elysian make things best with WordPress Development?

Although WordPress is open and free yet to take advantage of its dynamic commercial features, businesses or users have to either learn to program themselves or hire a 3rd party developer or an agency. Elysian Digital Services offer feature-rich and functionality-filled WordPress website development services for small and medium businesses from around the world with affordable pricing. 

1. Responsive Websites: Responsive features in WP websites is the one thing that every developer and business is happy with. Coincidentally, EDS also helps you in making responsive WordPress themes and websites that are designed to be fully compatible with desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

2. User-Friendly Interface: Basically, WordPress was developed to allow all technical and non-technical people to take benefit from it, which makes it extremely challenging and flexible all over the globe. WordPress websites are very interactive and user-friendly, which allows users to easily create landing pages, categories, posts, forms and even let them manage media like videos and images with effortless service.

3. Fast Setup and Delivery: Technocrats of EDS had deployed a capable and fast-paced working environment to build and support WordPress websites. With these measures, businesses get aided by timely delivery and support systems. This helps businesses to quickly adapt to their latest technology to concentrate on the business.

4. Themes and Plugins: EDS has expertise working with a vast variety of themes and plugins that are necessary for the optimized operation of the websites. Some themes are though free but they offer little functionalities that can’t withstand business needs and demands. To eliminate this problem, EDS offers proven abilities on working with paid templates for small and medium businesses while our work with plugins is also quite phenomenal like adding a calendar, Twitter feed, and media that can bring a huge difference to your business. 

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