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It is said that using an iOS app can help a business move with improved productivity and with higher revenue and Return on Investment (RoI). With innovative features and security in iOS apps, they tend to play the game better, attracting investment, growth and enhanced business valuation.

The apps developed on the iOS platform are designed to operate in Apple devices like iPads, iPhones, iWatches, etc. These Apple apps are provided with advanced and superior quality, highly innovative features, and improved security than that of Android apps. The iOS platform is known to offer higher efficiency and scalability to the apps with reduced time and cost as compared to Android.

Elysian Digital Services has been developing competitive apps for all Apple devices, helping numerous businesses around the world to go online and mobile. Businesses can leverage EDS’s rich proficiency in iOS app development to build a stunning, engaging, unswerving, and valuable app for their products and services. We develop iOS apps and related solutions catering to a wide array of business verticals.

    • • Customized iOS Solutions
    • • Enterprise iOS Solutions (for big businesses)
    • UI/UX Design
    • • iPhone Widget/Extension Development
    • • App Support, Optimization, and Maintenance
    • • iOS App Integration

What makes Elysian Digital Services IOS App Development different from others?

We offer businesses a suite of iOS app development services and solutions, which help to provide steady growth, innovative designs, improved security, and revenue to the businesses. With EDS’s expertise, your business can achieve a competitive edge, huge RoI, and reputation.

Absolute Transparency

EDS believes in comprehensive and absolute transparency with businesses and ensures them with the latest updates and process of the product development lifecycle.

Experienced App Developers

EDS has a pool of experienced app developers for the iOS platform that caters to businesses as per requirements and features. With years of experience, we have successfully established a network of clients while offering them cutting-edge iOS solutions and services.

Customized Approach

With the massive rise of iPhones and iPads, it is imperative to offer customized models and development methodologies from the developing team. EDS’s expertise is highly efficient with both freelancing and contractual basis to meet your business requirements.

Exceptional Credentials

Over the years, EDS has developed excellent credentials while working for numerous clients around the world. With a focus on the client’s requirements, we have strictly followed a predictable and proven course to offer a wide array of iOS solutions in different business sectors.

Excellent Support

EDS has established a separate section for seamless technical support and resolve center that will regularly update you, fix your issues, answer your queries, and offer suitable guidance and suggestions for businesses.

Timely Delivery

EDS is committed to agile methodologies and hence, we offer exceptional iPhone and iOS solutions with the highest standards and design in a timely manner i.e. without delays. iOS apps, developed by EDS, are carefully designed and thoroughly tested, achieving a new standard in the industry.

IOS App Development Process followed by EDS

Concept & Ideation

With a comprehensive understanding of business, the EDS team quickly adapts to the conceptualization process to ideate the most efficient app for Apple devices.


EDS UI/UX team helps to develop apps with an array of wireframes and carefully drafts the application architecture to implement a strong design and prototype of the app.


EDS development phase includes coding with agile methodologies to appropriate the product development lifecycle and render 3rd-party integration for flawless service.

QA Test

Once the app is developed, EDS performs a QA test, finds out the anomalies, repairs them, re-test, and repeats these steps until the app is ready to function properly at full efficiency.


With the iOS app functional and ready post-QA testing phase, it is finally deployed to the Apple store to make the app live and downloadable for all users of Apple devices


EDS is committed to the best support system and maintenance to the businesses so that all issues of the app are resolved. We offer 24/7 support for any issues post-deployment.

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