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Emails are an unfathomable way to generate quality leads and when you are into an online business, email marketing just can’t be ruled out. Generally, every email that is sent to the audience or prospect, or existing customers is said to be called email marketing and it may involve advertisements, business proposals, newsletters, and promotional copies to attract more customers. 

Email marketing is defined as the utilization of emails to promote or advertise business products or services with potential clients or prospects so that they can act on it and make a purchase or inquiry. Email marketing is considered a highly efficient form of digital marketing that allows businesses to raise conversions and sales volume. It can be used to convert prospects directly into customers.

Elysian Digital Services has established a remarkable experience in putting the right emails to the right people, thereby increasing sales and conversions. We, at EDS, are proficient in building stunning newsletters and email campaigns that can be fed to a huge online audience to generate great leads and customers for your business.

Does your business need Email Marketing?

Before we jump into the importance of email marketing, let’s see some crucial facts about email marketing. 

* The number of email users will rise to over 4.6 billion in 2025, which will be almost half of the world population.

*According to analytics, 9 out of 10 businesses choose to do email marketing to distribute their content organically.

*81% of small and medium businesses use email marketing to acquire new customers while 80% of SMBs use it to retain their existing clients.

*According to Statista, over 290 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2019, which is expected to grow to over 345 billion emails in 2022.

*Over 55% of B2B marketers cite email marketing as their prime driver in increasing RoI of business.

Clearly, the numbers, aforementioned, show that there is a great opportunity for online businesses to go for email marketing that will increase their customers and RoI. With over 4 billion email users, email marketing can be considered the number 1 marketing type in digital marketing. So, do you still need email marketing? Check out some of the benefits of email marketing. 

5 Benefits of using Email Marketing?

  • • Email marketing is great at delivering targeted and personalized messages to your audience and customers.
  • • It is helpful to convert prospects, subscribers into regular customers. 
  • • It helps to build connections and relationships with existing customers.
  • • Email marketing can deliver your content to all sorts of digital devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) and audiences.
  • • Email marketing is highly efficient in acquiring new and retaining old customers.

How can Elysian Digital Services help your business with email marketing?

Elysian Digital Services uses insightful and collaborative email marketing tools that help in creating stunning and successful email campaigns to engage your audiences and customers. EDS uses prolific email delivery tools to distribute your emails in front of the right audience and customers.

EDS has developed a stringent set of email methodologies to include email auto-responders and email funnels that intend to amplify lead generation and RoI for any business.

Broadcasting Emails

We help creating attractive broadcasting emails for a large group of users that are usually scheduled emails to raise awareness of any deals or promotions.

Triggered Emails

Our marketers are experienced in crafting automated triggered emails that are based on the behaviour or action of website visitors.

Targeted Emails

Our marketers are capable of creating stunning personalized messages for relevant offers that can be delivered to specific set of customers in email list.

Scheduled Emails

EDS marketers are extremely skillful and customer-oriented while delivering scheduled emails for a specific date and time.

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