Yes, if you are into online business or planning to start an online or e- commerce business. It helps to generate leads, prospects that can be turned into customers.
A website allows you to comprehensively showcase your business products and services. A search engine optimized website can help you bring traffic to your website that can be converted into potential customers.
SEO is, basically, a part of digital marketing, which includes a specific set of techniques, tools, and approaches to rank your website in the search engines. Digital Marketing, however, comprises many other marketing forms like PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

● Helps businesses to reach people and attract traffic to websites
● Makes it easy for customers to find relevant businesses
● Increases online presence and brand visibility
● Provides in-depth analysis, forecast, and RoI development.
● Helps with easy communication with customers and builds reputation.

Yes, Elysian Digital Services (EDS) provides all sorts of technical support related to businesses in website/app development and online marketing and advertising solutions.