Saros Bar & Dining Project Description

Moonee Ponds Restaurant and Bar

Saros Bar & Dining

Saros’ online platform has been worked on for the past year in collaboration with Elysian Digital Services. The website has a plethora of features, like the ability for customers to make reservations directly through the platform. The Saros media team has worked closely with Elysian in order to make the platform personalized and yet professional. Our experts at Elysian are veterans when it comes to optimizing websites for optimum online reach, and this project has been no different.

Saros is a restaurant located in Melbourne that has an atmosphere perfect for social interactions. The restaurant is in the North West of Melbourne and is also quite close to the central business district. Highly regarded by locals, Saros is already making a name for itself.

Our collaboration with the brand has held its end of the deal and boosted its seach engine standings to the very first page. Thanks to our robust SEO and link building services leveraged by Saros, the brand is now regularly ranking among the search list for Melbourne based businesses. Not only did this offer a healthy boost to the visibility of the brand, but it also allowed more and more Australians to find this wonderful dining establishment.

The project has not only successfully made the platform faster to load, and rank on the first page but our team also ensured that the platform was tweaked enough to make it more user friendly. Our collaboration has resulted in a very interesting result and also shows how you too can leverage Elysian Digital Services and leave your competition in the dust.