Here are DY Green Card Project Description

DY Green Card

The new an version of the platform uses AI to give the user different probability ratings on their chDygreencard is a company that helps people apply for immigration services through their website, which was founded in 2018. The company provides a very comprehensive amount of support, taking the user through every step of the process. They even assign lawyers to the applications in order to make the process as easy as it can be.

We at Elysian Digital Services have collaborated with Dygreencard over the past one and a half years in order to develop a platform that makes the immigration process much easier and smoother. The whole objective is to make the platform more discoverable through internet searches. We use our robust SEO and premium link building services to help the business, snatch the top spot on Google which helped more and more users find them and make their immigration dreams come true.

d improvedances of getting a green card or a work visa. The platform has a range of features that help with each step, and the applicants find that they have no reason to worry.

Basically, the last one and a half years have been completely about making the process of immigration more and more accessible thanks to Elysian Digital Services SEO and link-building services. It has proven to be very successful for students from other countries who have experienced difficulties when going through the process themselves.


The collaboration between the two companies has been really fruitful and has helped the business pop up and offer quality services to its users.